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We were so pleased to have Josef volunteer as a guest speaker with the Manulife Empowering Women to Employment Program at Jobstart. Josef delivered a fantastic work shop on a variety of job search related topics, from how to beat ATS, to networking effectively and even some tips on successful interview techniques. He was incredibly engaging as a presenter and was so receptive to all the participants questions…

Justine Sterling

Employer Engagement for Immigrant Integration

A few years ago Josef coached me on his Principles of Communicating with Management and Succeeding in Interviews. To this day I use these principles for dealing with both upper management and with subordinates. His principles have helped me excel during numerous occasions; both in my current role and when I was applying for new positions in the past.

He is soft-spoken and amazing communication style….

Boris Dehtiar

Marketing Manager

Josef was a great help when I started job searching, he helped to break down the process so it didn’t seem like an overwhelming job in itself.

From resume formatting/writing, to proper networking techniques, Josef gave me practical hands on tools and skills that gave me the confidence to apply and approach potential employers. Throughout the process, Josef was available for questions or a chat when needed.

Maxine Silberg

Cannabis Lifestyle Coach

This is for you if:

You’re tired of searching for the job you love the most only to always come up short.

You’re confused and don’t know what job portal you should use.

You’ve tried a few job portals but didn’t get a single response from there.

You aren’t familiar with the job portals’ algorithms.

You find it difficult to write an Eye-Catching resume that gets noticed.

You don’t know the Psychology behind interview questions.

You aren’t familiar with the power of LinkedIn.

And have no idea where you should start to get your dream job in as little as 2 days.

You’re stuck in the cycle of job-searching.

This is draining your emotional and mental energy.

Every morning you wake up frustrated and find yourself helpless, hopeless, and miserable.

And sometimes, you find yourself emotionally burnout


Nothing is going to work for you at all…

And to make matters even worse, now your friends perceive you as a failure…

Your friends don’t listen to your opinions when you try to share your ideas and thoughts about anything…

They make fun of your thoughts & ideas. They make you feel like an idiot who’s gonna struggle all of your life.

And your family treats you the same way.

When you share your thoughts about life (or on any topic), they simply turn their heads and make fun of you.

Sounds like you?

If so, let me tell you this isn’t your fault.

You just need a helping hand. Someone who’s been in your shoes who can guide you from beating job boards to cracking interviews. So, you can land your dream job (with a deserving salary) within the shortest period.

If this sounds at all like you..

Then let me introduce you to my “New and Result-Oriented Program” that will help you from scratch (writing catchy resumes) to landing your dream job (cracking interviews, salary negotiations, and so much more.)

The Land Your Dream Job Program

This program has 8 modules plus Jaw-Dropping bonuses that’ll help you to get your dream job faster.

Josef did an amazing job while job coaching me to get my career started. He is committed to your success from the beginning to the end. If you don’t succeed he won’t give up until you are happy with your results. His amazing effort and focus on your success got me an amazing position as a Project Manager Coordinator at a start-up where I am able to hone my skills. Thanks Josef!!!…

Ronen Gaisiner

Customer Success Manager at LifeWorks

My resume needed a facelift and Josef was the man for the job. I would highly recommend Josef for any career coaching, whether it is resume writing or interview preparation.

He is a detailed oriented service provider that has a keen eye for detail and the knowledge to back him up.

Rebecca Adler

Content Writing/UX design

I highly recommend Josef’s career coaching and resume/cover letter writing services to anyone who is job hunting or looking to change careers. Thanks to Josef, I was recently hired by Apotex Pharmaceuticals, a company I wanted to work for since my university days. Josef is very good at what he does. His services are amazing!

Julie Bam

Front End Web Developer

I have recommended Joseph to many clients to and having seen the results I believe he is the best in the industry. He delivers with a great ease.

Liv Babra

Artist Sculptor @ Studioliv. CEO Optimum Debt Solution Consultants Inc.

Josef, is an exceptional Business Developer. His clients trust him, respect him and rely on him to deliver results. Josef places very high importance and priority to any account he is working on. I have had the privilege of working with Josef for the past several years, and look forward to may more prosperous years to come.

John Toufankjian

Headhunter/Recruiter | Investor

Josef has a natural gift for recruiting. He knows how to deal with both the candidate and the client so that everyone who works with him feels well done by each and every time. A true professional.

George Easton

CEO @ion8.net

What: You’ll learn

  • How to beat job portals’ algorithms—so your job application gets noticed first every time.
  • How to write Unique & Job-Winning Resumes – so you can stand out from the crowd
  • How to make your “WOW” interviewer —Master the art of Psychology behind all the tricky interview questions
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile like Professionals—learn all the secrets behind LinkedIn ranking and networking
  • How to use the power of networking—so you can get more exposure & opportunity in the corporate industry
  • How to plug all those “leaks” into your job searching and resume submitting processes—so you can get the maximum response for your job application
  • How to crack interviews all naturally and with confidentiality?
  • How to possess confident body language during the interview— From the moment you enter the room to the last handshake as you leave, this program will teach you everything to crack an interview
  • How to effectively negotiate salary
And a lot more! And this program comes with amazing bonuses such as professional resume templates, white papers, a list of agencies in Canada, and much more USA.

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