Cédric Larigaldie

Joseph, is a highly driven and genuine professional. A fantastic communicator and exceptional listener. I have had the privilege to council with Joseph when I need a re-focus my business in my fifth year, Joseph and I brain storm and speak with my mentor and partner about real entrepreneur issues.

Ayna Bogdanova

Josef was a pleasure to deal with. His coaching was inspiring and to the point. Thanks to him, I got a three month internship in a highly competitive environment (40-60 people for a position). His advice helped me advance through selection process: instead of two or more interviews….

Glen Smethurst

Josef’s positive attitude, listening skills, and ability to coach assisted Campus Support in their A+ system roll-out. Five Canadian provinces, thirty-five branches, and over one-hundred constituents participated in A+. Josef’s ability to remain composed, and his drive to represent excellence allowed our B.C. branches to receive, use, and implement the A+ program effectively.

Andrea Nadon

Joe is a funny brilliant entrepreneur with exceptional know-how in his field which came through loud and clear in our preliminary consulting call. He was quick to define what we needed and provided suggestions and strategy for success. His confidence, experience and enthusiasm went right to work!  

Mohannad El-Menshawy

Josef`s Course “Land your dream job” was a game change to me. I wish I know this information earlier during my job search. The amount of resources and information is super useful. Josef hints and tricks about job hunting and how the real hiring world works will save you much time and unnecessary effort. Thanks, […]